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Remedy Club Tour CD/DVD
Artist:  David Crowder Band
Label: 2008 sixsteprecords 
Time:  CD/DVD: 16 songs, 85 minutes  
If you’re sick of slick contemporary Christian music and allergic to cliché Jesus lyrics, there’s a remedy for what fails you:  The David Crowder band.  David’s music, like his hair, is experimental and edgy, boasting scratching turntables, fiddles, bullhorns, “corporate whistling” and even a plastic flying V Guitar Hero axe.
Whether a long-time Crowder enthusiast or a newcomer to the cure, everyone agrees that you haven’t heard Dave and the boys until you’ve seen Dave and the boys.  That’s why this special live DVD is particularly attractive.  It’s their first concert video­filmed live in New York City and Atlanta on their fall 2007 “Remedy Club Tour”­and, believe me, it doesn’t disappoint.
Packed with fan favorites like “Here Is Our King,” “Everything Glorious” and “O Praise Him” as well as new tunes like “Neverending,” this collection of songs transport those with ears to hear beyond the casual concert experience.  You’ll find yourself humming, singing and occasionally dancing wildly in your own living room in a “beautiful collision” with the Divine.  Crowder isn’t afraid to rock (“You Are My Joy”) and even makes the Hank William’s country standard “I Saw The Light” roll with brilliance.  What can I say?  If you missed your opportunity to enjoy the 19-date sold out tour­and chances are you did­this is your redemption.
The accompanying CD is a nice touch and addition to the live Crowder discography, but the real gem is still the DVD.  Its 85-minutes of cure for the common concert that features additional treats like a tour documentary and song demonstrations.  Shot with nine cameras and 5.1 surround sound, the songs and stage erupt with a righteous emotion that defies explanation.  You feel like you’re in the house with a front row seat to the something special.
The truth is, like any great concert, you have to see it to believe it.
It’s a remedy well worth the wait. 
By Rick Chromey
September 25, 2008

Dr. Rick Chromey is an author, professor and music aficionado currently living in Idaho. 
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