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Artist: Digital Aura
Label: ©2007 Independent
As is the case with much of the EDM scene (electronic dance music), projects of this nature take on the persona of usually one composer. Digital Aura is Greg Primmer of Southern Ontario, Canada. His heart is poured out into creating Christian trance music. “Indeed, the art of producing this type of music is in making it sound so simple. Yet the truth is that it requires so much more than one might suppose -- intricacies like creative use of space, sound effects, timing, weaving melody lines and harmonies together, creating tension and even choosing the right instrument to set the proper tone or mood.” (…from his thoughts page)
I am very impressed with this disc. There is an uplifting element to this trance music that can help you enter into God’s presence, if you can think outside the limits of what is accepted Christian “worship”. 
Every song has a purpose; therefore there are no standouts. A cascade of nuances and textures makes for a very satisfying listen. I encourage you to give this a try.
March 2008 


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