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Run From The Darkness
Artist; Daniel Band
©1984 Refuge (©2006 Retroactive reissue)
Typical of early 80’s hard rock and somewhat heavy metal, this was Daniel Band’s third release. I still have the album, bought at one of their Canadian shows, and worn. Run From The Darkness added the textures of synthesized drums and synthesizer. It worked historically, albeit briefly for the band. Their video for the song “Walk On The Water” gained some momentum in the early days of MTV land. 
Thanks to Matthew Hunt of Retroactive for reissuing this. The mix is close to the original. Best cuts on this disc are “Don’t Give Up”, “Run From The Darkness”, “Walk On The Water”, “Walls” and “It’s Over”. A couple of 1980 demos are thrown in for good measure. What always impressed me about Dan McCabe and Toni Rossi was their unflinching desire to share Christ in their lyrics. There was nothing hokey at all about them at all. I still remember the shared guitar solos. It was truly awesome back in the day!
They have never officially broken up, that I know of. Here is hoping they do another reunion, either Cornerstone or north of the border.


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