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Catie Curtis: Sweet Life
Artist: Catie Curtis with musicians George Marinelli, Alison Prestwood, Shannon Forrest, Phil Madeira, Mark T. Jordan, Erick Jaskowiak, Ingrid Graudins, Andrea Zonn, Scat Springs and Jon Randall Stewart
Compass Records 66397 44912 (2008)
12 Tracks
Running Length: 43 minutes
Catie Curtis has just released her ninth album, Sweet Life, and it is her first Nashville recording. Curtis has a light, almost whispery voice that is pleasing to listen to and she nails the lyrics so you can understand the song and the mood. Using background instruments of acoustic guitar, bass, percussion, piano and organ, Curtis presents twelve songs with an array of moods from energetic (“Sweet Life,”) to first day of college (“Are You Ready To Fly?”) to instrumental (“Soul Meets Body.”) Catie Curtis is from Maine.
Highlights of this CD include “Are You Ready To Fly” which tells teens that they had better be “ready to fly” when they go off to college. “For Now” states “…let go of your heart’s holding…everything weighing you down.” “Lovely” playfully stretches words, such as “lovely” and the song is written in a honky tonk style with piano accompaniment. “Sing” is poignant in “we sing to draw a circle around us…sing through all the thunder and pouring rain…” “Soul Meets Body” is a subtle jazz arrangement, while “Fools” says “…we’re fools you now, always worrying…take a breath and let it go…that’s everything you need to know.”  (“Fools” was written on the death of New Orleans artist Helen Hill.) “Over” has “…a river born in the mountains starts over in the sea…not every rock wants to roll…” There is precise guitar accompaniment from George Marinelli here.
Catie Curtis, with a Nashville affiliation, is sure to broaden her audience. With accompaniments that blend well with her lyrics and don’t over-power her voice, Sweet Life is a refreshing and well done CD.
Copyright 2008 Marie Asner
Submitted 8/25/08

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