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Artist: Coriolis
©2007 independent

Coriolis, formerly known as Thundara, is a synth-metal project based in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The name Coriolis comes from the book, Dune, referencing the mammoth storms. Though Jonathan Stamets is trying to create something truly original, I find myself placing this somewhere between Circle Of Dust and Deitiphobia. 

Influences range from Rammstein, Celldweller, Rob Zombie, Type O Negative, Circle of Dust, Dream Theater, and Metallica. The industrial component is a bit softer, blending with ethereal keyboard sequences, slightly metallic vocals, and a wall of rhythm guitar, to create a very listenable and unique experience.

Lyrically, Coriolis is dedicated to making meaningful poetry into music that brings it alive. Here is a sample of lyrics to one of this reviewer’s favorite cuts, “Demigod”:

I’m disenchanted with my humanity. Imprisoned by what I’m unable to see, but I know it won’t be long. I’m waiting for a revelation. Overcoming my westernization, slowly growing strong. I’m not content to be a man. I’m floating through the alluvial fan, now I know it won’t be long. I want to be a demigod. 
”Redefining Christianity” I know that you’ve been told this is blasphemy, but can you tell me why? What you need is a paradigm. When you die and go to Heaven then you’re out of time, and you’ll wish that you tried.”
Overall, this is a solid release with crisp orchestration and strong production. Now, if only we can see Coriolis play Cornerstone Festival in the near future. I missed Circle Of Dust in ’92.
March 2008

Bradley Snyder (thecannyshark) co-authors and writes for www.PneumaticTire.US, a web-zine chronicling the ongoing history of the Christian underground and independent rock scene.

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