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All These Things and More
Artist: Chris Clayton 
Label: Independent Release (2008)
A full-time music maker for eight years now, Chris Clayton’s career trajectory has been nothing if not linear. Starting out with a leadership position in his teen youth group, Clayton followed through by heading up worship at his college’s on-campus Bible study before finally settling into an on-staff slot in the worship department of his current home church.
Taking a page from the Chris Tomlin/Matt Redman/Tim Hughes playbook, the Dallas-based singer proves himself no stranger to both lilting, mid-tempo pop (“King Forever”) and all-out rock numbers (“Breathing Air Again”). That said, it is Clayton’s warm, full-bodied voice – itself, a near ringer for that of Geoff Moore – that propels beautiful, acoustically-based ballads such as “Stand Amazed” and “All to You” to the proverbial top of the heap. 
Looking at the record objectively, All These Things isn’t particularly original or groundbreaking. Be that as it may, Clayton’s pleasing, well-crafted compositions are nonetheless on equal footing with the better portion of the works from his abovementioned major-label influences – a boast that only a select few of his peers in the indie/unsigned camp are able to make.
 Bert Gangl, The Phantom Tollbooth (08.12.08)
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