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Bright Sadness
Artist: Charlie Hall
Label: sixsteps records
Length: 12 Tracks/46:57
 Charlie Hall follows up his acclaimed 2006 release Flying Into Daybreak with a fourth project, The Bright Sadness, this project, according to Hall, “comes from me understanding my ordinary human condition and my deep love for Jesus and the life He brings. It is the accepting of my brokenness and that in the world around me while never losing sight of Christ’s closeness, His free fellowship, His redemption and compassion, His Brightness.” Hall’s is one of the most intense and passionate sounds that is around! I believe we will be hearing these in our worship services soon!
From the time you pop in this CD till the time you have heard the twelfth song you will have related to all of the lyrics you have heard. These songs are written with such compassion, and a desire of wanting you to know who Christ is, and what he has done and will continue to do for you. 
“Chainbreaker” is a song that tells us that God is a God of second chances; He will always pick you up and allow you to run free from your past. “Thrill” was my favorite on this one! It is such a celebration of the trill that we get from knowing we have Jesus, and how He fills us up.
I believe this one should be played as loud as possible: at home, in the car and even in your worship services! The songs all ring true, and you are sure to find at least one on here that you relate to!

Go out and buy this one today, also pick up some for a friend. You will not be disappointed!
Trish Cooper

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