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Send Me
Artist: Cara Austin
Label: Independent
Cara Austin is an exceptional new talent.  Her CD Send Me focuses on the theme of missions.  And she writes what she knows. She has been involved mission work along with her music career.  This passion comes through the material on this promising debut release.  The strength of Send Me is the dynamics of Austin's performance on guitar and vocal.  Her voice is not a pretty safe sounding vocal, but one with rough edges that lends strength to the themes of her song. 
The disappointment on this release is the need for the studio musicianship to be consistent with Austin's style of writing and singing.  Much of the music sounds canned and doesn't go in the direction of the songs, which cry out for more simplicity in order to focus on Austin.  At times it seemed like the recording might have been improved simply by taking a more demo approach and allowing Cara Austin to sing her message without the covering of a band. 
Terry Roland
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