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Artist:  Cadia
Label: Fervent Records
Time: 11 tracks/35:19 min.
This project has something for everyone! If you like pop/rock, upbeat music you will love this group!  Made up of Tori Smith & Courtney Myers, who met while performing in a Jr. high play. They have wonderful vocals reminiscent of Crystal Meyers, or even Avril Lavigne! 
These girls rock out for God. From the song “I’ll stay”­which is very emotional and full of soul, to the remake of Marina McBride’s classic “This One’s For the Girls”­which they have taken up a notch or two on the speed of the song and rocked it out. “Only a Prayer Away”­reminds us that no matter what God is always only one prayer away from the situation we are in at that very moment! This group will challenge you to stay faithful to God no matter what may come your way. They are a great inspiration for the younger generation of people in the world.
“Cadia means ‘a place of peace, each song here is saying that there is a place of peace, a safe place to fall, in this life. We’re all trying to find ourselves, trying to hear God through all the noise, the pain, the insecurities, the lies people have told us about who we are and who we’re not. These songs are our way of saying, ‘You can let that all go and just give it to God. He is the source of peace. He is the One who made us. He doesn’t make mistakes.” says Courtney Myers, one half of the duo that makes up Cadia.
I would recommend this project to everyone who loves rock/pop music or anyone who is looking for a gift for a teenager! The CD dropped Feb. 26th, and should be available at a store near you! If not it is available on their website, as is a video to view! Go out and get your copy today!
Trish Cooper


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