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Bread of Stone (CD and DVD)
Artists: Ben Kristijanto (vocals/guitar), Bill Kristijanto (guitar), Jeremi Hough (drums) and Sean Brown (bass)
Background Vocals: Kris Donegan, Luke Brown, Ben Turner and Heather Donegan
CD Running Length: 11 tracks, 48 minutes (2007)
DVD running Length: 10 minutes (2008)
Bread of Stone 2007
Bread of Stone is an up and coming music group with a definite message of hope. There are eleven tracks on this CD and on each song, the words are asking for a personal change, or with "Frozen in Time," a plea to help those less fortunate. 
"Everyday" is the first song and tells us that truly, every day is beautiful. "Letting Go…at Your Feet…" on the second track is an example of the textured arrangements on this CD. Stand-outs are "One More Time" which has a great guitar section and lyrics of "…sorry for the way I'e treated you, give me one more time…" "Frozen In Time" is poignant and speaks of "…barren trees…waiting for time…starving children…" and then asks the question of us, "What are we waiting for?" "Take My Life" is a soft plea to the Lord, "I want to change my ways…." It is a tender approach to asking for forgiveness. "Somewhere" is melancholy and says, "…out there, I"ll see you again…I"ll be at your side."
Bread of Stone certainly has a future and its message of inspiration is easily understood through lyrics and instruments. Lyrics do come through well. Arrangements are intriguing, especially "One More Time" and "Letting Go." 
Included in the package is a 10-minute DVD that details the band's ministry, interviews with band members, what it is like to be on the road, and snippets of songs from the CD including "Everyday" (filmed in Greensboro, N.C.) and "I Want" (filmed in Egg Harbor, N.J.) My comment is to check the spelling on the word "Beginning" which separates one section from another. I have it as "Begining."
Copyright 2008 Marie Asner
Submitted 4/21/08


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