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Artist: The Bodeans
Label: Resolution Records
Tracks: 12

The Bodeans have been around making great rock n roll for over thirty years now. For all of that time, I have to be honest, I was aware of the band but never really paid attention to them. That was a major mistake on
 my part which will not happen again. Still marks the band's eighth studio release to date. The helm is guided once again by that master craftsman T-Bone Burnett. As with almost everything that Burnett sets his mind to these days Still is absolute magic. Yet a producer cannot create magic if the raw materials are not present. With the core members of The  Bodeans, Kurt Neumann & Sammy Llanas on board that musical magic comes oh so easily.

Sonically when I first listened to this album some old familiar names popped into my head. Names like Tonio K., The Vigilantes Of Love, latter day Mark Heard and of course T-Bone Burnett. I'm not saying that The Bodeans sound like these artists, yet there is a similar vibe. That vibe is indeed a good one too, this is just flat out great rock n roll. I can picture the band playing in a club somewhere just tearing the roof off of the joint. This album contains twelve songs and there is not a bit of filler in the lot. With thirty years under their belt Neumann & Llanas have become the perfect team vocally, musically and performance wise.

In a time where the longevity of an artist or band can be as fleeting as the time between rate increases at the post office, The Bodeans have proved their ability to stick it out and keep on putting out vital and vibrant albums. Check out their web site at and by all means check them out on tour.

Chris MacIntosh aka Grandfather Rock


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