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Axis of Evil
Artist: Babylon Mystery Orchestra
©2008 Independent
A modern day prophet, some might say right-wing conspiracy theorist, others may see as firmly entrenched in his convictions, Sir Allen Johnson might be the whole enchilada. His style is heavy goth-metal with a conservative view of politics looked at through the microscope of scripture.
The endearing nature of Sir Johnson is the very premise that gives me mixed feelings about Axis Of Evil. True artists are less concerned with their audience and more enveloped in the creative process. The overall sound is the promising element. The vocals are a bit too deep and grainy for my taste. The message is a dark one; that is for sure. Quoting from a variety of philosophical, political, and apocalyptic viewpoints, he paints a picture of biblical end time thought meeting Muslim extremism. We live in a dangerous time in history to be sure. When elements of Freemasonry, Islam, US politics, and the word of God meet on the world stage, all but one of these are spinning out of control.
Musically, this can bring out the head bangers. Lyrically, apocalyptic themes provide a heavy-handed approach to the listener. It seems these elements mix more often than not in the heavy metal genre. This will not be for everyone. The message is significant in a day of watered down news and drive by media. It is a case of someone taking themselves a bit too seriously for this reviewer’s tastes.
May  2008

Bradley Snyder (thecannyshark) co-authors and writes for www.PneumaticTire.US, a web-zine chronicling the ongoing history of the Christian underground and independent rock scene. 

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