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Recovery (EP)
Artist: Berry
©2007 independent
For an independent, low budget set of downloadable songs in what could be called an EP, there is definitely something unique about Berry. I was surprised at how fluid these six songs sound. Berry is self-described as “fusing abrasive indie minimalism with rock urgency and Beatle-esque melodic sense…” The songs are quirky and non-abrasive, reminding me a bit of Joe Christmas, though Berry is distinct. 
“Recovery” (both versions) and “Alma Mater” are standout tracks, though. “Sun Set Song” gets a nod as well for using the Biblical encouragement to not let the sun go down while we are angry and build upon our life in Christ with a positive spin. 
Berry’s music is innovative and deserves to be heard. While the band members have seemingly resigned themselves as musical paupers at this juncture, due to the difficulties in maintaining the life of a band (making music, playing shows, and marketing), they are making their tunes downloadable at
They have a new release, Flounder, also available for download. They want people to download their albums as well. They keep track of the numbers, as I am sure any band worth their salt would do. I cannot wait to get some more free music, while it is still available. 
December 2007


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