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Love Like This
Artist: Ayiesha Woods
Label: Gotee Records
Time: 11 tracks / 45:35 minutes

Ayiesha Woods garnered much praise and success from her 2006 debut record _Introducing Ayiesha Woods_, winning Grammy, Dove, and Marlin awards, touring extensively, as well as being featured in the soundtrack for the Russell Crowe film "A Good Year." This success was a surprise for Woods, who was providentially discovered by TobyMac while he was doing a radio interview in her home country of Jamaica.

Two years later, Woods has had time to grow and mature as an artist, and she also needs to up to many great expectations. She pulls it off with a progressive and uplifting sophomore release.

Musically _Love Like This_ contains many diverse elements, including R & B, pop, rock and even electronica influences. The production team of Chris Stevens and Jamie Moore has helped Ayiesha craft an instantly appealing and catchy sound.

The greatest part here is, of course, Ayiesha's soulful vocals. Sounding like a singer with many years more experience than she has. Wisely, her voice has been left alone, not pro tooled or pitch shifted, leaving in a little bit of grit, sounding like the classic gospel singer that she is. Adapting her voice to the wide range of styles, Woods sounds light and fluid on pop tunes like the title track, and sounds saucy and powerful on heavier songs like the blues romp "Fight."

With Love Like This, Ayiesha will have no problem maintaining her fan base, and should make plenty more, proving that her debut was no fluke. She has a powerful voice, and a consistent and unique talent.

Noah Salo

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