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Another Time, Another Place:  Christian Classics
Artist:  Avalon
Label: Sparrow Records
Length: 16 Tracks

Avalon reaches for dual purposes on their latest offering Another Time, Another Place:  Christian Classics: to celebrate some of the classics songs and artists of Christian music and to update those songs and add a modern Avalon polish to them.   Cover and tribute projects are all the rage, and it is interesting to see someone like Avalon take a crack at covering CCM classics.  Many of these songs deserve a broader and renewed hearing.  

Avalon does well with the big ol' power anthems on Another Time.  Highlights include a rocking (well, as rocking as Avalon gets!)  version of  "God is In Control,"  "Friend of a Wounded Heart," and "The Basics of Life."  Less stellar are the slower songs…"Thy Word" and "El-Shaddai" would have been better served in more acoustic setting of the originals rather that the beat and keyboard heavy versions presented here.  And in a few other spots the beats and neo-soul production can be a little distracting.  

For the most part Avalon does a solid job of updating the songs in their trademark harmonized pop sound.  And therein lays the key to this project…if you are an Avalon fan or a fan of modern pop vocal projects with soaring ballads and top-notch production this is for you.  If you absolutely love the originals and don't think they can be improved on, you'll probably want to pass on this. 

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