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The Autumns
Fake Noise From a Box of Toys
©2008 Bella Union
Ever since I discovered this California band about seven years ago, I have searched high and low for all of their EP’s and full CD’s. Splashing onto the indie scene in 1997 with the EP, “Suicide At Strell Park”, and their debut, “The Angel Pool,” it is surprising that they have not garnered more widespread success. Their sound has ranged from dark, dreamy shoegazer to ambient strains akin to the Cocteau Twins. This is enough of my love affair.
“Fake Noise From A Box of Toys” carries on down the hypnotic trail of dreamlike splendor, all the while carving out their niche in this ever-widening pool of alternative music. The Autumns add nuances and hues to their sound that drift effortlessly above and within the context of their songs. It is like hearing a concoction of the Cocteau Twins, the Cure, and Starflyer 59 through a modern lens.
Outstanding tracks include “Boys,” “Killer In Drag,” “Glass Jaw,” and “Adelaide.” With many more listens, I am sure that more favorites will rise to the surface. Do yourself a favor and discover this band. You will be happy when your ears hear them for the first time.
May 2008

Bradley Snyder (thecannyshark) co-authors and writes for www.PneumaticTire.US, a web-zine chronicling the ongoing history of the Christian underground and independent rock scene. 

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