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Atomic Apostle
Artist: Atomic Apostle
Label: ©2007 independent
A classic rock-infused band centered in Weatherford, Texas, Atomic Apostle will soak deep into your veins if you have been starving for some good old-fashioned rock and roll. For all of the bikers out there, there is plenty to dig into here.
Unashamedly direct in their lyrics, they seem to be in it to share the gospel of Christ. A lot of artists and bands claim this, but few follow through as Rich Mullins or Keith Green once did.
The guitar solos, the progressive elements sprinkled throughout, and the cohesiveness of the music help to create a solid disc. The style is a little dated, but I like it, maybe because I am older.
Standout tracks are “I Believe,” “No One To Blame,” “More To Life,” and “A Life In a Day.” I hear influences of Yes, Kansas, and Queen. Overall, this is good for an independent work.
January 10, 2008


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