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A Little Closer
Artist: Anadara
Label: Anadara Music 
Time: 11 tracks/44:02

When I reviewed Anadara’s last release, Into the Unknown, I said:

Anadara is part of the recent surge of Worship Leaders that double as singer-songwriters.  Veteran talent (Billy Sprague, Christy Nockles) and some varied instrumentation help this newcomer to fit solidly in the middle of the road, with pleasant songs and a soothing delivery.  Anadara will appeal to CCM’s defined radio audience (women in their '30’s).

Anadara’s music has changed somewhat since then.  She has developed a more earthy vibe, reminiscent of Amy Grant’s recent output and Carolyn Arends.  Her lyrics, additionally, have taken on a less evangelistic bent.  She describes this as less “Writing of Worship” and more “Writing out of Worship.”  Her more journalistic lyrics allow her to sing with more personal touches & poignancy.

Musically, she collaborates with Scott Faircloff on several songs and ZOD Lounge (Tom Michael, Brett Vargason, and Todd Shay) on others.  The tenor of the album is consistent throughout.  The sound is very acoustic and reflective, matching the more personal lyrics.

The disc maintains a pleasant vibe throughout & shows a step forward for Anadara.  While the disc is not a revelation in any sense, it is a well done singer/songwriter album, written from an obvious Christian perspective.  If this sounds up your alley, A Little Closer does not disappoint.

By Jonathan Nelson 


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