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The Girl Done Good (DVD)
Artist: Amy Winehouse
Label: Chrome Dreams Group
Time: 78:55

Unfortunately in this media age, it can be hard for some musicians to separate their artistry from their domesticity. They are covered by the press as much for their relationships and mistakes as their music accomplishments. Amy Winehouse defines this situation. While her art has led to best-selling albums and a Grammy, many still know her more for her drug usage and legal trouble.

The Girl Done Good fortunately takes the high road and attempts to look at Winehouse as an artist, not a social creature. This unauthorized DVD at times seems like a video promotion, like when it compares the singer to jazz greats, like Etta James, and to modern artists, like Madonna. But it also has extensive interviews with British music experts who try to back up the claims.

The predictability of the DVD eventually becomes a bit tiring. For anyone who has seen a music documentary, they could guess what is coming next. Also tiring is the lack of critical opinion. Almost every person interviewed sounds as if they are on the Winehouse payroll.

Overall, The Girl Done Good comes off as a bad version of a VH1 special and focuses more on experts opinions of Winehouse¢s music than the music itself. Amy Winehouse is a tremendously interesting artist who is worth knowing more about. The Girl Done Good should not be recommended as the best vehicle for this mission.

Shawn Dickinson 
Date Submitted: August 12, 2008


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