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Everyday With You
Artist: Christopher Ames
Label: Remnant Music Group
Time: 13 Tracks 45:39
Christopher Ames is a Christian folk artist from New York who has recorded several projects over the past few years. However, I hadn’t heard of him until his most recent album “Everyday With You” caught my attention, due to the fact that it is billed as an album that celebrates the love between Ames and his wife over the years of their marriage. 
One gets the feeling when listening to these songs that Ames might have written and compiled this album as a kind of Anniversary present of some kind. All in all it gives us all a picture of the different aspects, joys, sorrows, and struggles that occur throughout married life, and how keeping Jesus at the center of a marriage helps to keep it strong. 
Songs like the title track and “Pictures of Us” are reflections on the years Ames has spent with his wife, from their first date to their current anniversary celebrations and family life. 
The John Denver cover of “For You” is a powerful love song that pledges love and commitment from a husband to a wife and is a fine addition to this collection of songs. 
“You and Me” is a celebration of the relationship that Ames and his wife share with their two sons, and how they are happy to be a family and spend time with one another. 
However, not every song on this project is a song about joyous married life. In fact, there a couple of songs on this project that express genuine struggle with keeping a marriage strong, and the need to keep Jesus at the center of each marriage. 
“Send Angels Tonight” and “Champion” both express times of darkness in Ames’ relationship with his wife, and some of the struggles that she has had that he found himself being unable to help her with. These songs find Ames’ asking for God to take over and provide help and intercession for both him and his wife during their times of struggle. 
“Love To Chance” is about the time in Ames’ wife when he and his wife were dating and the excitement that they both experienced as they fell in love. He then pledges to not ever leave their ‘love to chance’ and let things idle in their relationship. 
“Worth Fighting For” is another standout moment, as Ames describes his conviction that the strong relationship he has with his wife is one that is worth all the hard work that comes along with marriage. 
There is no doubt that listeners of this project will find themselves challenged at some point throughout this song cycle. It doesn’t matter whether you are a young single college student (such as myself) or a person who has been married for twenty years. Either way you will find something that Ames has written here that will challenge you and make you a better person!
James Morovich

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