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Liquid Water
Artist: The Seventh Season       
Label: Independent Records, 2007                             

I could have swore that I was the one person who knew the most about obscure bands with a dark mysterious past just popping out from nowhere. Boy, was I wrong, horribly, and sadly wrong. And man have I been sheltered. I wish I could have been there for the release of their first record, cause this group has definitely found the perfect sound. I mean between the dark raspy European accent laced vocals, the milky smooth blues/progressive rock guitars, solid downbeat drumming, and thick heavy bass riffs, this could be the next big thing. At least, for me, I mean really this is quite a well developed sound. 

First, we will start with a brief catch up on the group as a name. The Seventh Season, started in 1972, they were fronted by another fella back then, and then in '76 they decided to seclude themselves in their home studios to record some new tracks. In most cases, this leads to a new singer or some other new member of a band, and a fresh new sound that is solid and collected leading to a chart topping record. On the contrary, they completely disbanded for one reason or another. And then after nearly 20 years, the bassist and drummer return with the bassistsí son on leads and being doing the thing all over again. To our benefit the son has a fresh skillful playing method on the guitar. Milky smooth rhythms, and powerful but controlled solos, reminiscent of David Glimour through his entire career, Konstantin Batygin really sets the stage for a powerful progressive rock sound.  Following him is father, Yuri, on bass, and Sergei Smet on drums. This is definitely a power trio if I have ever heard one. They released their first record in this carnation in March of 2003 (_Fall Within_, Independent Records Inc.) and then followed it up with a DVD in 2006 (_Transposition_, Independent Records), and now this third edition of the new line up. I would have to say that this is probably one of the best progressive rock bands that I have heard on the indie rock front in a while. They are strong, there lyrics and music gel together quite well, and they donít back down from driving a good beat.  They definitely spent some time working out their own distinctive sound, and accomplished it very nicely with this latest record. Clean, easy to understand lyrics, and a solid rhythm, you wonít want to put it down. 

I deeply suggest checking out their other music as well. They are available on Amazon, as well as you can purchase the albums, and DVD directly from their website,  Go check them out for yourselves, you wonít be disappointed. 

Keep Rockin!!!

Rev MC


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