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Over and Underneath
Artist: Tenth Avenue North
Label: Reunion Records
There is no greater love than the relationship between mortal humans and the infinite God.  C.S. Lewis once said by comparison, romantic love pales. 
Tenth Avenue North's new release, Over and Underneath, covers this theme with a consistently honest, authentic and fresh approach.  As they sing over both electric and acoustic guitars and crashing drums, they portray their relationship with God as they would any relationship.  You only need add a sense of awe.  
The themes run through faith, joy, doubts, fears and pain. In the end, love prevails.  These songs invite comparison with the Psalms.  They have wisely framed this as their point of reference, an approach that works surprisingly well.  
The result is a collection of songs that does justice to both the world of mainstream rock and most important, to the source of their music and faith.  Its a careful balance to walk, but one Tenth Avenue North has done well.  Recommended song for download, "Let It Go."
Terry Roland


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