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Cornerstone 2008 Press Tent

We've always maintained that Cornerstone Festival is the only Christian music festival that really matters, and here are the soundfiles to back up that claim, straight from the Press Tent, which The Phantom Tollbooth's staff hosts annually as a labor of love.

The interviewed bands and ministries are listed alphabetically. The top link leads to the soundfile. The bottom link takes you off the site to more information.

We start things off with a panel discussion that sums up why the fest's importance spans a quarter century:

Cornerstone Festival's Place in the Scene-Past,Present and Future

Just exactly HOW is Cornerstone the only festival that really matters? We gathered an allstar panel to find out. John Herrin of C'stone, Doug van Pelt of HM Magazine, John J Thompson of EMI and True Tunes and Professor Parks cover 25 years of greatness.

The 77s

The 77s Holy Ghost Building CD released just days before the band's arrival at Cornerstone. The complete band discusses the project's creation and future plans.

Chris Hale sat down with his sitar and a tabla player and shared Aradhna's vision for the path (marga) of Bhakti, one of loving devotion and complete surrender to God. He also gave a music lesson and invited everyone over for tea.
Breaking the Silence

Breaking the Silence speaks.
Close Your Eyes
New Band Showcase Winners

Cornerstone New Band Showcase Winners Close Your Eyes gave a press conference that proves why they won--they are winners in every sense of the word.
Cool Hand Luke

Always a good interview, losing their lable, lineup changes, accidents, reading lists and personal causes made this year's press conference especially

A multi-voiced doo-wop outfit? A church's board of elders? Too big to fit in their van? Too powerful to stop? 1-3 xdeathstarxs 4 outpouring of the Holy Spirit at a xdeathstarx show.
Degarmo and Key

They played the first C'stone in 1984 and 25 years later can still minister through straight ahead rock, if something as important as the 25th C'stone anniversary rolls around. Eddie and Dana catch up the press on the quarter century in between.
Faceless International

Stephen Christian of Anberlin and Sarah Freedman introduce the press to a vital way to connect young people with the issue of modern day slavery.
Family Force 5

Slow Glow, Crouton, Phatty, Nadaddy and Chap Stique are back!
Josh Garrels

Josh Garrels discusses his latest release, Jacaranda, and his surprising paths to inspiration before his Main Stage appearance.
Heart Support

Clint McManaman and Krissy Danger present Heart Support, an online community, a safe supportive place to work through problems, the result of an amazing T-shirt design.

The ladies of Ilia haven't changed. Their music and message are finding a wider audience, their tour dates are huge, but ILIA (ill-ee-uh)- Hebrew, God is LORD.

Impending Doom

Gorship, Repentagram, the fresh ways to honor God flow from Impending Doom like dark, deep bass, vocal, and double pedal drums--with abundance.
The Lost Dogs

Alternative Christian music's super group discusses their origins so closely intertwined with Cornerstone, and their Route 66 Scenic Routes road trip scheduled for September 2008. Once again, the funniest press conference of the fest.

The Nebbia Band
An oasis amidst surrounded by heavy conversations. The Nebbia Band treated the press to a song story from the Eastern Seaboard. A New Band Showcase Winner.
Nevertheless stopped by The Phantom Tollbooth Cornerstone 2008 Press Tent to discuss their influences, touring partners, writing process, new records and much more.
Charlie Peacock 
Nine years after his last performance on Main Stage, Charlie Peacock returned for an all-star encore to celebrate C'stone's 25th anniversary. His observations on music, life, faith and art were as fresh as ever.
Red Letter Bullet
Last minute addition Red Letter Bullet turned out to be a surprinsingly informative interview. Good news, indeed, they were not overlooked!

Just before they headed for the fest, they debuted their first project on a Cincinnati riverboat. Their first appearance at the press tent is full of interesting facts on what may well be the Next Big Thing.
Sherrill Agency
The Sherrill Agency presented a stellar lineup of up-and-coming artists Blissed, Don't Wake Aislin, Perfect Imperfect, Madison Aveune & Motorist Jones.
Sleeping Giant
It really is going on in Redlands, if your idea of a call ot revival is best voiced by the godly through heavy, heavy metal. Meet the fun that fans the flames. Moderated by Brett.
Dan Spitz formerly of Anthrax
Dan Spitz, formerly of Anthrax and Peter Baltes of Accept interviewed by HM Magazine publisher Doug Van Pelt. A true newsmaker.,,
Skillet's John Cooper
It took a while, but Skillet's John Cooper finally broke away from the band's Cornerstone Festival main stage sound check to bring the fans up to date on their new drummer, headlining tour, and new CD.
UGG (Under Ground Grace) Records Steve Cook introduces labelmates Reilly. West Coast Revival, and Generation Letter
Brian "Head" Welch
Korn's former guitarist, three years after his dramatic conversion. In this interval between publishing his testimony and the release of his first album Sept 2008, Brian Head Welch spoke to the press at C'stone.
The 2008 Cornerstone Press Tent ended with a serious look at a serious topic-pornography. Fresh from debates with Ron Jeremy, offering free accountability software and an upcoming move to Sin City, XXX Church is on the frontlines.



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