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A Quest for More
Author: Paul David Tripp
Publisher New Growth Press
Length: 212 pp.

Paul David Tripp takes on the challenge of living outside of our own self-interests and actually living out the commands in the New Testament in his latest book, A Quest for More.  Eighteen questions are posed to the reader, and your course of action is laid out by the author based on the answer to those questions.
The concept of "more" as expressed by Tripp includes living outside of our own "little kingdom," and giving up the things that often disguise themselves as Christianity legalism, emotionalism, personal achievement, and our spiritual facades.  The quest here is to stop living inside the areas in which our minds can comprehend, and to enable ourselves to trust God enough to let Him transcend our self-imposed limitations.  

Tripp's biblical rationale for these purposes makes good sense, and his words inspire, motivate, and fill with hope.  The idea here is similar to that of Chuck Swindoll's writings above living above mediocrity, but there is a lot more meat here than in Swindoll's books.  He challenges the reader to stop taking life for granted, and to actually live out the concept in Romans of "being transformed by the renewing of your min".  If only it were as easy to do as it is to read about it.

Brian A. Smith
21 April 2008



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