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Title: Perfect Weight America
Author: Jordan Rubin
Publisher: Siloam
Website: or
# Of pages: 358

Jordan Rubin, author of The Makers Diet and the Physicians RX books, has done it again! _Perfect Weight America_ encourages all who read it to “Change your diet, change your life, change your world.” It is a sixteen-week plan that has four-phases to help you achieve your “Perfect Weight.”

In this book you will learn how to eat for your age, body style, gender and all the while be able to lose weight. To achieve your “perfect weight” you have to know about YOUR body type, and the correct things to put into your body. Mr. Rubin brings up a list of 12 things he refers to as the “dirty dozen”, among these you will find some of the most common foods or ingredients that you use every day! These 12 things are very unhealthy for you, and you will find that you consume them frequently. You will also learn about how the food pyramids that we all learned to eat by are not so great for us, they are more focused on keeping the American agriculture alive. You are taught to choose foods that are in season, during the season you are eating them. Also you will learn to pay attention to the colors of what you are eating, is it a rainbow of colors or just monotone?  You are also taught to eat more organic, natural foods and drink lots of water! The most important information I found in this book was about reading the labels on food and how sometimes what they claim is not what is true. It is very important to read the ingredients section of the label.

Along with the purchase of the book you get, for free, access to an online personal health coach. They will help you to tailor the advice in the book to your personal needs for your body type and desired weight. You also get the eating plan, menu ideas, and recipes. This book is packed full of benefits to help you succeed at every turn with losing the weight and keeping it off. Even in one of the last couple of chapters you will learn how to take the weight off of your finances in the form of going green around the house! 

Overall this book has a lot of information of how to change, not only your weight, but also your whole life. It is definitely one that I would recommend to anyone who is looking for an overall life overhaul!!!

Trish Cooper



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