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Author: Rebecca St. James
# of Pages: 250
Publisher: Faithwords
ISBN-10: 0-446-50041-0
Pure is a 90 day devotional for the mind, the body and the spirit. It is a wonderful collection of 90 days of inspiration, scripture, and real life issues. As you read it you become encouraged, you no longer feel like the only one in your situation. You become inspired to get to the real, true you. Rebecca St. James really brings life to the scriptures and brings light to the fact that everyone is human. She shares her life with you and allows you to see into her deepest life issues, and helps you to grow in your faith on the topics. Just because you may see someone for face value, or what you want to believe is true about them, does not always mean that that is the true them or even the true you. Through this 90 day journey you are inspired and encouraged to look deep within and to put into practice what you are reading for that day or month or 3 months! There is a section for each day entitled living it out­this is the practicality of what you just read or studied about in the book and in the scripture for the day! The more you live it out the more powerful and real it becomes in your life! 
This book is a must read for every teen (or person) in the world. It talks about the importance of purity, not in a pushy do this, donít do that way; but a practical everyday life changing way. Purity does not just have to do with your body, but also with your mind and spirit. You are a three part being and it is important to maintain purity, spirituality, and life in all three parts! Some of the topics for the 90 day journey include:
Who determines your worth?, Removing the mask, Setting boundaries, Your body language, A lasting legacy, Building solid marriages, Heaven on earth, Hearts wide open.  
Each of the 90 devotions has a scripture­dealing with that subject, reflection­where the author gives you real life encounters of her own for you to reflect on, Looking further­where you dive deeper into the topic and more bible references and explanation is given, and Living it out­where you are challenged to examine that area and are given questions to reflect on. 
I thoroughly enjoyed this read; it definitely helps you to see purity more clearly. Not just purity in the sense of staying pure till marriage, but purity as a whole­mind, body and spirit! I am already married and gained a lot out of this read!!!! 
Go out and buy your copy today, buy one for a young person you know also!
Trish Cooper


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