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New Birth or Rebirth: Jesus Talks with Krishna
Writer: Ravi Zacharias
Publisher: Multinomah

World-renowned author and apologist Ravi Zacharias latest addition to the Great Conversations series is an illuminating peek at the differences between and basic tenets of Christianity and Hinduism.  Zacharias uses the sacred texts of both of these religions as a foundation for a lively discussion between Jesus Christ, Krishna, and a Hindu named Subramaniam (based on a real person that studied both religions).   At hand are subjects and religious ideas near and dear to Mr. Zacharias heart, as he was born in India and has observed first hand the Hindu belief system.  The author’s thorough knowledge of these religious and philosophical systems lend an air of authenticity to the discussion.  

According to the author, the main premise of the book is that both religions “claim to be true and legitimate.” And so Zacharias seeks to point out in an interesting fashion that both Christianity and Hinduism hold exclusive truth claims, ultimately it does matter what you believe, and there are significant differences in the between the two. 

During the conversation between Christ, Krishna, and Subramaniam the differences and exclusive truth claims are highlighted.  The Subramaniam character carefully asks questions that a “seeker” would ask, and the answers provide Zacharias a platform to discuss the similarities and highlight the vast differences between these two religions.  All of this is accomplished with rousing and captivating prose and Ravi Zacharias’ unique wit.   

This book will help the reader appreciate the differences between the two major religions.  It is an insightful and illuminating read.  And “listening in” to the conversation helps give interesting tips on how to deal with and hold a rational discussion with those whose belief system is different.

Barry Nothstine 


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