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Road to Nowhere
Author: Paul Robertson
Publisher: Bethany House
Pages: 407
Itís all about a road. Specifically, itís about the mystery and intrigue that surrounds bringing Gold River Highway over the mountain into the small town of Wardsville, North Carolina. 
Is it evil? In the eyes of old Joe Esterhouse, the chair of the County Board of Supervisors, there is something wicked going on. Over a period of time, two board members die under suspicious circumstances. 
The boardís interactions and the personalities of its members, and some of the local townspeople, become the focal point of the story. What should we make of new board member Eliza Gulotskyís frequent references in thought to the Warrior? She has the distinction of always voting no, even when it comes to accepting the minutes. Is she crazy or is she more attuned to whatís important than the other board members?
If you are looking for lots of action, romance and talk about faith, this is not for you. This is a puzzle in which the author hands us pieces at a deliberate pace. Who is behind this proposal, and what is the underlying motivation? Itís a challenge to discern between good and evil?
The faith that is expressed in one of the characters is subtle. Itís seen more than heard. The spiritual content is light­thereís no overt message. The author is more concerned with crafting a good story, which he has done.
Paul Robertson has given us more than a tale about a road. Itís a thoughtful reflection on the nature of people and spiritual reality, which is seen in the struggle between those who are for and against the building of a road. 
Michael Dalton
July 22, 2008



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