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Hope No Matter What:- Helping Your Children Heal after Divorce
Author: Kim Hill with Lisa Harper
Publisher: Regal
Pages: 89

This is everything a devotional for kids of divorce should be-­short, easy to understand, colorful, comforting and helpful. This is kid-friendly right down to the layout. There are free-form titles and drawings, multi-colored scripture verses, a special space devoted to getting a response to the content, and a concluding prayer that a parent can pray over their child.

This is designed for parents to read with their children. Though it was written with younger ones in mind, children of all ages, and even adults, can benefit from the content. Simple truths, like the ones found here, comfort and encourage when our hearts are hurting.

This collection of 32 short devotions is divided into eight sections. Each section represents one of the eight songs on the Kim Hill CD Hope No Matter What (2002). The CD does not come with the book, but would be worth getting because of the overlapping content. 

Each devotion starts with a line from one of the songs. The first song is “Hold Me Jesus” by Rich Mullins. How could I not like a devotional that starts out with the lines from one of my favorite songs? 

Stories and thoughts that Hill shared with her children in the aftermath of her divorce follow. It concludes with a verse of Scripture. All of this fills one page. On the adjacent page, there is an attractive space for children to write and draw their response to a simple activity. The book is wider than normal­7 x 9 inches­to provide plenty of space for this interactive section. 

It would be easy to breeze through the book quickly, but the recommendation is two or three devotions a week.

I’m not aware of any other books like this. It’s a valuable resource for parents and children that have experienced the tragedy of divorce.

Michael Dalton
April 24, 2008




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