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A New Kind of Conservative
Joel C. Hunter
Publisher: Regal
201 pages

The cover shows legions of people in uniform rows with the red ones on the right and the blue ones on the left. Facing them stands a single purple figure. Is this a metaphor for the author, senior pastor of Northland, A Distributed Church in Longwood, Florida? Perhaps. The book purports to be for conservatives who feel left out by the Religious Right, 

The cover also captures the essence of the book's difficulties; Americans are not neatly lined up with a line through the middle of them someone who has achieved the perfect, enlightened blend to give them marching orders. 

A New Kind  reads like selected sermons from one individual who shows little evidence of listening to the concerns of the conservatives he purports are shutting out fellow believers. It would be nice to read a book where such listening was evidenced, perhaps a correspondence between Dr. Hunter and Chuck Coulson or James Dobson, but this is not it. 

Linda LaFianza


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