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Jazz Notes: Improvisations on Blue Like Jazz (Hardcover)
Author: Donald Miller 
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Length: 143 pages

I heard of Blue like Jazz, which I meant to read but somehow never got around to it. The book is supposedly a non-religious reflections on Miller's spiritual journey, It has made the _New York Times_ best seller list and sold over a million copies. The book itself is a small, hardcover gift book--half the size of a normal book. It claims to be a literary equivalent of a remix CD, meaning it should present info from the original book in a new way while including some new material. It's perfect for someone who wants the highlights of the book. It's an enjoyable quick read, but it didn't inspire me to pick up the original book. There are some interest comments here to ponder. (Shari Lloyd)

PS: Steve Taylor Fans--the most interesting point was that the book is being made into a movie with Steve Taylor directing.  


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