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Polishing God's Monuments--Pillars of Hope for Punishing Times
Author: Jim Andrews
Publisher: Shepherd Press
Length:  256 Pages
ISBN-10: 097675827X

Author, pastor, teacher Jim Andrews lives in Oregon with his family. In Polishing God's Monuments--Pillars of Hope for Punishing Times, Andrew's family open their lives and story that deals with a lot of things we often do not all want to take the time to stop and think about, but really do need to examine. It all started when their daughter turned ten and had a horrible experience with horseback riding, they almost lost her then. Her sophomore year in college she came home from a mission trip to Kenya ill, having contracted a parasite. Her last semester of her senior year she contracted mono and this brought out the hidden issue of her immune system going haywire, which started the next 18+ years of crisis's that this family had to endure and overcome, only to have more to endure. And they did and are still enduring, polishing monument after monument, trial after trial and prevailing and clinging to God and His Word through it all. It is a moving story both emotionally and spiritually that leads the reader to conclude that even though we are Christ followers, it does not mean that we are exempt from trials and temptations. How we deal with those trials and what we do while we are in those trails often determines the outcome. The Andrews family never lost hope, they never lost faith; they endured! In the end it is a personal, intimate look into the life and story of this family. A hard, yet good read. 
Trish Cooper



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