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Faith in the Fog of War:  A Soldier's Journey Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death
Author: Captain Chris Plekenpol 
Publisher: Multnomah Books 
Captain Chris Plekenpol has seen his share of the war in Iraq.  He led  troops through much of the chaos and confusion that still exists in that country today.  What he experienced is not new to the ravages of war for thousands of years past.  It is new to this generation of soldiers.  There is no way all of the past literature, films and first hand accounts of past wars, can prepare a soldier for the kinds of experiences Capt. Plekenpol conveys in _Faith in the Fog of War_. 
Captain Plekenpol takes through his daily actives with various stories of victory, loss, suffering and compassion. In all of these experiences he applies the Word of God in practical and insightful ways. 
This is not just a story of a man's experience in the war in Iraq, but a devotional document of spiritual truth revealed under the pressure of war.  The title refers to the author's need to depend on God through the chaos and confusion he encounters. 
Captain Plekenpol is to be commended, not only for serving his country, but also for his awareness of how his faith touches every part of this service along the way. 

Terry Roland 



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