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 Case For Vengeance, A Novel
Author: J.P. Brennan
Distributor" Outskirts Press
182 Pages

Evan Moore was on vacation in Italy, he had been saving his money for quite awhile for this trip. Sightseeing and photography were his primary concerns, that is if he could get used to this new digital camera. Italy had been, so far, a breath of fresh air, a place filled with wonder and beauty. St. Peter's Square and the Basilica were there just waiting for his camera to capture their beauty and Majesty. Then he snapped the picture that would turn his life upside down and not necessarily for the better.

Much like the lead character in an Alfred Hitchcock film, our hero's life is caught up in a web of danger and intrigue, of love and betrayal, of power and greed through no fault of his own. Much like those film masterpieces, the progressive twists and turns that Evan encounters all seem very real and plausible. Our hero is not a great man yet rather a man who is thrown into a confusing situation, and although he wants to, does not back away from the hand that he has been dealt. From Rome to Cyprus to Albania and back to the quiet rolling hills of Pennsylvania this book is a first rate international thriller.

The locales are vivid, the characters are gripping and hold our interest and in the world we live in today the storyline is unfortunately very realistic. First time author J.P. Brennan has woven a tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat and cries out for a film version to be made of a fascinating tale.

Chris MacIntosh aka Grandfather Rock



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