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Lessons From the Road 
Author: Nigel James with Third Day
Publisher: Authentic Books 
Length: 192 pp. 

As fans of Christian music, at times we wonder about the substance behind the appearances of our favorite musicians.  We tend to put them on pedestals, sometimes forgetting they are men and women just like the rest of us, dealing with their own personal struggles, and at times not being the representation of God that they would like to be. Life on the Road brings its own unique set of temptations.  Some groups, like Third Day, have taken on the novel approach of hiring a "road pastor." someone they can listen to, be taught by, bounce ideas off of, and add a level of accountability to a lifestyle that desperately needs it. Lessons on the Road  is not a tell-all book, but it does chronicle both the joys and the pitfalls of being in one of CCM's most popular bands. Nigel James explains life on the road, the boredom, the mountain top experiences, and the temptations that exist when performers are away from home.  James keeps it light for the most part, telling road stories about traveling all over the world with Third Day, but he also includes some of the lower points of band life as well.  Each of the Third Day members add their own personal take as well. With chapters based on song titles, and devotional lessons built around the experiences behind the songs, the book is both informative and instructional.  A few insights into the members of Third Day are included, but it is not an in depth portrayal of each of them.  James is a long time veteran of road life, having traveled with Michael W. Smith, Newsboys, Max Lucado, and now Third Day.  His insights and lessons are more of a guide on how to retain the true focus of what a "Christian" band should do ­ employ it's gifts in a such a way as to lead other people closer to God. 

Brian A. Smith
15 November 2008 



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