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The Phantom Tollbooth's July 2007 Top 10

The votes are cast and tabulated for The Phantom Tollbooth's July 2007 Top 10 poll, and there are several gear-shifts, close calls, and surprises. There were no ties and two runners-up. Jars of Clay unseats Mute Math's self-titled project by a resounding number of votes for Good Monsters, and Ashley Cleveland's Before the Daylight's Shot stays put at number two, with Ian Hunter's Shrunken Heads moving up one slot to number three. Perhaps in anticipation of the release of Caedmon's Call's Overdressed project, Cademon's self-titled project garnered enough votes to register at number five. Another surprise is--perhaps because of the resurgence of radio play for "Undeniable" (originally released in 2004)--Mat Kearney's Nothing Left to Lose places at number six. Paul McCartney's Memory Almost Full slips two slots to number eight, and Over the Rhine returns to the survey at number seven. The Fray remains within the Top 10, and June's entries from Wilco and Anberlin are close runners-up. Richard Cummins' Moments, a runner-up in June, cracks the Top 10 for this survey. Remember to vote for your favorite albums you have listened to by sending your votes to Here are the results of the July 2007 survey:

1. Jars of Clay - Good Monsters
2. Ashley Cleveland - Before the Daylight's Shot
3. Ian Hunter - Shrunken Heads
4. Mute Math - Mute Math
5. Caedmon's Call - Caedmon's Call
6. Mat Kearney - Nothing Left to Lose
7. Over the Rhine - Trumpet Child
8. Paul McCartney - Memory Almost Full
9. Richard Cummins - Moments
10. The Fray - How to Save a Life

Wilco - Sky Blue Sky
Anberlin - Cities


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