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For Zion’s Sake: I Will Not Be Silent
Artists: Ted Pearce, Evan Levine, Zemer Levav, Jobst Bittner with Yochanan Ben Yehuda, Jordan Marcellino, Kathy Shooster, Meha Shamayim, Heartsville, Rachel Washington, LAMB and Karen Davis
Label: Galilee of the Nations Records (2007) 77797 0031-2
Running Length: 85 minutes
Length: 19 Tracks

Galilee of the Nations Records presents 85 minutes of inspirational music concerning the heritage of Israel. Artists from Israel, the United States and Germany have selections on this CD which presents Israel in today’s realm. Songs range from paraphrasing a Biblical psalm to a story of the Holocaust to a song of Ruth.

Highlights of the CD are Ted Pearce on the first track with “Shalom” and his rendition of the title song, “For Zion’s Sake, I Will Not Be Silent,” and “The Forgotten People”  The powerful lyrics include “ashes fell down like rain,” accompanied by strong accents on guitar and “never again” sung periodically in the background.

Zemer Levav has “Your Name” with words of hope in “your name is above all powers, no more will I run from you.” Levav also has “Lead Me” with Mid-Eastern instruments and exotic arrangement.  Jordon Marcellino includes “Psalm 91” with a soulful, longing. LAMB offers a strong “Adona El Shaddai” while Rachel Washington tempers that with “Wherever You Go (The Vow)” which is really Ruth’s proclamation to her mother-in-law, Naomi. 

This CD is a wealth of inspirational music with its center being the Holocaust and theme of the devastation never happening again. Of the nineteen tracks, sixteen are new songs with varying arrangements and vocalists so that the listener is uplifted again and again. A sparkling achievement.

Copyright 2007 Marie Asner
Submitted 6/19/07



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