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Loud and Proud + 2
Artist: X-Sinner
Label: Radioactive Records
Length: 14 Tracks/59.33 Minutes

Back in 1991 I was in the youth ministry and the kids in the youth group LOVED AC/DC.  So imagine my excitement when I picked up X-Sinner's first CD Get It and cranked it up for the youth group kids.  It was love at first power chord.

Fast forward to 2007 and the oh-so-cool Christian rock reissue label Radioactive Records has released a hard-rocking, power-packed collection of demos and unreleased tracks from X-Sinner called Loud and Proud + 2.  This CD rocks hard and sounds more like the band should have sounded from the start.  An explanation:  Get It was released in the early '90's on John & Dino Elefante's Pakaderm Label.  The Elefante brothers were very polished producers-too polished for X-Sinner.  Get It suffered from highly slick production and *shudder* electronic drums (a no-no on any credible bare-bones AC/DC type rock CD). 

Loud and Proud + 2 showcases X-Sinner the way they were meant to sound ? loud, raw, and rocking.  The CD is worth checking out if you are into classic rock sounds ala? AC/DC, UFO, Alice Cooper, Cinderella, etc.  This stuff makes me wish these guys would have been produced by someone else early on.  Or a new CD produced by some kindred spirit of mighty rock would be cool.  As it is, Loud and Proud + 2 is a worthy addition to your Christian rock collection.

Barry Nothstine hosts Soul Frequency Radio (, a weekly freeform FM radio show showcasing progressive rock, instrumental rock, power-pop, psychedelic rock, rock classics, blues, and more?great rock for the ages!