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X worship 2007
Artist:   Various
Label:   Forefront Records
Time: 16 tracks / 1:13:17

"I lay my life before you and I'm not getting up.  Father how I adore You ­ those words are not enough"  is the chorus of Relient K's lead-off track to this rather eclectic collection of rock tunes of emo, metal, pop-punk and other genre's known as X worship 2007.

It's quite a fitting chorus for what amounts to what is real worship ­ a lifestyle that both honors and points others to God; not just singing or talking about how we worship God.  That chorus is wrapped in a very catchy pop/punk/emo tune that is probably the most memorable of this new multi-artist offering from Forefront Records.

On the 2nd track, Hawk Nelson slows things down (not so easy for these guys!) and explore some rather nice vocal harmonies.

Up next in the batting order is Sanctus Real with 'Eloquent', with one of the more musically refreshing verse sections heard in quite awhile in Christian music with an off-kilter minor vibe that causes one to really pay attention to the lyrics.

In the clean up position comes the fathers of Christian modern worship music, Delirious? With 'Now is the Time'.  This one probably won't join the ranks of other Delirious worship tunes, but it does boldly declare truth as their past tunes have done.

Fifth in the playlist of this CD belongs to "All I Want" from newcomers Future of Forestry.  Those who haven't had the privilege of hearing FOF's tunes should immediately visit their website for a preview of this track as well as a few others in streaming format.   Listeners will be treated to a mix of Coldplay/MuteMath/Keane/Switchfoot kind of a sound with thought provoking lyrics.  Expect Future of Forestry to be around a long time with quality material like their freshman release.

Next up is the hardest track in the mix, Demon Hunter's "One Thousand Apologies" in classic 7-string kick drum thunder.  The verses mislead the listener into thinking that the chorus will become a screamfest, whereas the chorus proves the lead singer can actually sing quite beautifully in the next octave up.  They save the demon-screaming for
2/3 of the way through which kind of ruin this track, quite honestly.

Falling Up contributes the 7th track, 'Contact' with a piano motif that is a delighful reprieve from the smash of the previous track (nice song order choice honors to the producer).  The lyrics to this song are a little harder to understand as a worship song than some of the other songs.  "Erased, everything within you will feel erased" is the main hook of the chorus and doesn't address what will be left in place.

Starfield is responsible for the next track, "Obsession" (not to be confused with track 14 of the same name.  This track could easily have been taken from X&Y and the only thing that is a giveaway that it's not Coldplay is the lead singers voice not sounding anything like Chris Martin

The 9th track is "Our Happy Home" from the David Crowder Band.  Hat's off to DCB for keeping things interesting musicall, with a hip-hop/electronic vibe complimented with some left-field banjo riffing as backdrops for David's croaking vocals.  The song is about the restoration of Jerusalem in the end times.

Kutless delivers the next track in very non-Kutless form with a piano and mellotron introductiory backdrop for a quite pop-rock offering; "Promise of a Lifetime".

Seventh Day Slumber decides to bring in the next track with some old-school electric piano on "Oceand from the Rain" which reminds us of the beauty and wonder of God's creation.

X worship introduces another new band on this disc with track 12, "Cloud Cover" by Toledo based band, This Beautiful Republic.  This Beautiful Republic manages to sound new and unique with very light shades of Further Seems Forever in the vocals.

Track 13 is "I Believe You" from The Fold.  This one is probably the one most ready for pop-radio from all the tracks on this disc.

Edison Glass covers the Delirious? Track "Obsession" adding their own touch to this classic track with more delicate vocals which make some of the lyrics seem even more poignant than on the original.

"First Steps to Recovery" comes next from Chasing Victory with a stadium rocking boom-boom-crack rhythm that gives way to some rapid-fire hi-hat work that would do Stewart Copeland proud. Lyrically this song is another one of the more confusing songs on the disc.

The disc wraps up with "To Whom It May Concern" from Underoath.  This one has a long introduction; clocking in at 1:15 and it leads into 2 ½ minutes of demon-possessed screaming about who knows what.   At one point, it sounds like they are screaming 'Set your sights to Garth'! It's quite a shameful ending to an otherwise well-laid out disc.

With the exception of the last song, X Worship 2007 accomplishes what it sets out to do ­ to point our focus and dedication of our lives to God in a modern, hard rock style, while introducing us to some new bands along the way.

Scott Lake
March 23, 2007



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