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The Skies Pale in Comparison
Artist: Wilderness of Tekoa 
Label: Northern Records
Length: 12/48:06

The Wilderness of Tekoa takes its name from Old Testament battlefields. Like many of the bands on Northern Records, the music here reveals some widely disparate influences that range from radio friendly bands of today to indie rockers to '80's alternative. Nic DiPace's vocals are at different times strained, passionate, plaintive, and somewhat emo, especially on "Elevate," a song that mixes a Coldplay/Keane/Radiohead sound into its choruses. 

"Midnight Lights" is highlighted by an almost Arabic guitar sound a la The Cure, while "Your Place in the Ground" features a faux Brit-pop vocal backed by a New Pornographers soundtrack. "Asleep" incorporates Ryan Antolino's U2-like guitar transitions. "Teach Me to Break" is a slower version of Coldplay, if Chris Martin were replaced by Kevin Max. 

"Sunbeam" gives a sense of our size when in comparison to the rest of the universe: "Oh who am I/this breath of fading mist/Where do I stand/On this speck of Heaven's dust?" "Asleep" questions faith, and its reality, asking "will we all find sleep if we lose it all for nothing?" "Your Place in the Ground" is a challenge to those who would fake their faith. 

The Skies Pale in Comparison stands as one of the better albums I have heard this year from an artist with whom I was completely unfamiliar. With this as their debut, The Wilderness of Tekoa has plenty of good material to build on - I hope it happens. 

Brian A. Smith
6 May 2007



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