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Songs from the Voice Volume 1: Please Don't Make Us Sing This Song
Artist: Various
Label: World Publishing
Length: 13 Tracks/59.28 Minutes
Let's make this simple…if you are a fan of Waterdeep RUN (don't walk) to buy this project.  Or if you like Derek Webb, the Enter the Worship Circle projects, Caedmon's Call, Sandra McCracken, Robbie Seay Band and the like you will love this as well.  Don & Lori Chaffer and a host of friends got together in Kansas City a while back and recorded this acoustic and organic worship project in four days.  I wish I could have been a fly on the wall to see the session come together, because the end result is excellent worship music.

The lyrics on Songs from the Voice Volume 1: Please Don't Make Us Sing This Song are taken directly from a new version of the Bible called The Voice from Thomas Nelson publishers.  After listening to and reading the lyrics I definitely want to check out a copy of The Voice.  When done correctly (not forced) these Scripture-based lyric projects are a superb way to dive into the word.

Please Don't Make Us Sing This Song is not perfect.  There are a couple snoozers…"So Much You Have Made" is nice, but it needs a bit of a kick start.  But there are some very satisfying moments included ­ great vocal turns by Sandra McCracken, Sara Groves, Lori & Don Chaffer, and standout songs that really stick to the brain cells like "Call Him Good," the poppy/hooky "As if That Were Not Enough," and the Polyphonic Spree-esque choir/harmony sounds of "Those Who Walk the Fields to Sow." There is a relaxed, organic, coffee-house vibe on Please Don't Make Us Sing This Song that will leave a satisfying, Scriptural, non-bitter after taste.  Plus the title (and title track) taken from Psalm 137 are way cool.  Recommended.

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