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Artist: The Violet Burning
©1992 Bluestone Records
A band was birthed years back from within the Vineyard Church community. It was passionately played and vocalized by Michael Pritzl and band. As primary songwriter over the course of the dozen or more releases since, Michael Pritzl has reinvented his own musical kaleidoscopic wheel with different band members. 
There was something to be said, though, for the Tubbs brothers as the landscape behind the truth-and-emotions-on-your-sleeve that gave this alternative/worship vibe backbone. Many who follow their music might attribute Strength as truly groundbreaking from an authentic worship sense. Iím not sure whether Pritzl ever intended Strength to be considered worship music or not though. 
Scriptural leanings are the glue that weaves throughout Pritzlís musings that can be psalm-like. Itís never contrived either. This is just a man pouring out his heart to a living God.  Standout tracks are "here Is No One Like You," "As I Am," and "Song of the Harlot." They  do a killer cover of the Beatles, "Eleanor Rigby," with a modern vibe. They wear influences of The Cure, U2, and The Beatles proudly for starters.  
Strength is out of print, though you can find originals on EBay or go to and get a CD-R of it. This definitely takes me back. 
I have to confess. This is probably my all time favorite CD that has played in my car and home stereo hundreds of times and has taken a beating. Good thing the iPod was invented. Do yourself a favor. Experience this band whether live, if possible, or supporting them through their website. They deserve recognition.
November 2007


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