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Take A Stand
Artist: Ugly Beats
Label: Get Hip Records
Length: 14 tracks / 43:17 minutes

Go-go-ing out of the fertile Austin, Texas music scene comes the '60s revivalists, The Ugly Beats. Championed by Pittsburgh's little-Indy-label-that-could, Get Hip Records, this quintet's sophomore release, _Take A Stand_ offers up a platter full of tunes steeped in the glorious sound of the 60s. The band has caught the authentic essence of the time. It they hadn't, _Take a Stand_ wouldn't be so darn good.

Time honored lyrical subjects like "Bring Her Down"'s passionate plea, "Ain't That Old"'s encouragement, the promise of revenge with "I'm Gonna Break Her Heart" make for good listening over and over again.

Firing on all 12 strings,"Last Stop" lyrically laments last love. The heart catching intro, the unison singing, the simple yet majestic guitar break all work together to give a near perfect Friday-night-at-the-dance effect.
Cover tunes are well chosen. Nikki and the Corvettes' power pop "You're the One," the legendary Remains "Let Me Through," and the butt-kicker of them all, "Action Plus" by the Ventures, where Jeanine's organ slithers on top of wave careening guitars. Surf's Up!

The entire project is underpinned by Stephen's breakneck drumming. Consistently solid, pushing the whole affair to be all it can be. Jason helps anchor things down on bass. Joe and Jake's guitars are at once central and sparkling and so perfectly placed that you don't notice how glowing they are. Jeanine on lynchpin organ. All working together to make the whole stronger than the parts.

Nice presentation, too. Patterned after the mid to late '60s Columbia label, you gotta love the sense of history Get Hip shows with _Take a Stand_'s packaging. The little "360 sound" logo is so retro cool. Fisheye lens photos. Nice. Also lovingly available in the vinyl format. Thumb's up for being true to your school here.

Now, where is my tambourine?

Bob Felberg

November 7, , 2007


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