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The Falling Tsar Project
Artist: Falling Tsar
Label: illect recordings
Feat. Wonder Brown, Sev Statik, Theory Hazit, Just Me

Though this record has already hit the shelves, I had to write this review. The reasoning, and the story behind this record are absolutely heart-warming, and the motives behind its production are pure. 

The entire group have dedicate this record, all the proceeds (yep, every last drop that they get from it) to pay for the medical expenses of the son of Eric Place, one of Just Me’s long time friends. Upon entering the website, I read the story written by Just Me, regarding this project. The band name was in honor of Place, who passed away recently.  His son was diagnosed with bone cancer, so in an effort to allow hip-hop to positively effect the world around it, Just Me, The Scribbling Idiots, and the rest of The Falling Tsar Project are donating every dime made from this album to help take care of the boy. That’s beyond anything I have personally ever seen or heard of a rap group doing. It far steps outside the boundaries of Christian service, and definitely puts these guys at the top of my list of every day heroes.

Now about the record itself, it’s a collaboration or should I say a joint-venture of some of the heavy hitters of lyrical hiphop. Wonder Brown, Theory Hazit, Just Me ( who recently released a new record titled One Man’s Trash) and Sev Statik. Each of these artist are well accomplished in their own right, but when put together as a “supergroup” they shine like no other. The album is an exploding  hiphop monster that takes ten powerhouse beats, laces them with the vocals of the afore mentioned hiphopster and lyrics that collide the listener face to face with many socially relevant topics such as:  honesty, truth, the subject of what salvation is, purity, brotherly love, and the list goes on. With its infectious grooves, thought-provoking lyrics, and a motive that stops the entire hip-hop community dead in its tracks and makes them reassess their reasons for doing music, this album is, in this humble reviewer’s opinion, a true success. My props to the producers and the artists involved in this project.

Go grab this and do something good with the rest of these guys. Check out their sites for more information,, 


Rev MC


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