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Full Steam Ahead 
Artist: Titanic 
Label: Retroactive Records 
Time: 12 tracks/40:55 min 
Titanic’s latest release, Full Steam Ahead, starts with the sound of a steam  engine going off.  A train?  No, the cover art shows it to be a steam powered  ship.  Then the music comes blistering in with the stellar “Shovel the Coal.”   The backbreaking beat is matched by back-braking lyrics.  The song compares the  arduous journey of our life to the grueling work of shoveling coal in the depths  of the ship, just to keep it moving.  Full steam ahead, indeed. 
“Dead Mens Bones” follows, and the listener readily notes that this is a  Christian release with bold lyrics.  It intones that “God be praised.  He was  and is the One who is to come.”  These bold proclamations are continued  throughout the recording:  “take off you shoes, you stand  on holy ground” (Holy  Ground), “He died upon the cross. Forgiveness of sins He gives to everyone who  turns” (Upon the Cross), and “find the knowledge oof God Almighty” (Wisdom).   Interspersed are songs with allusions to our spiritual journey as that trek  across the great ocean mentioned in the opening tune. 
Bill Menchen’s guitar work is superb (he does everything except Drums and  Singing) is solid & well-recorded.  There is a strong crunch to the electric  guitar & enough low-end on the Bass to feel the rumble.  Additionally, drummer  David White adds a solid foundation & enough creative flourishes to distinguish  himself.  Vocalist David St. Andrew has a classic metal voice.  Like Judas  Priest’s Rob Halford, St. Andrew has a baritone range with a strong melodic sense & just enough of a rough edge. 
There are two bonus tracks added to the end of the recording.  They are  re-recordings of “Nightmare” and “Come Home.”  Both have been re-recorded &  utilize the drummer from the original recordings; Robert Sweet (Stryper).  While sonically an upgrade, the real excitement to be found on the CD is in the 10 new  tracks. 
The band has a strong '80’s-metal sound, but deliver a sonic upgrade that removes any dated sound.  Fans of Metal and Hard-Rock will find much to applaud on this journey. 
By Jonathan Nelson 



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