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Bone-Appetit! Servin’ up tha Hits!  
Artist: T-Bone
Label: Flicker Records/Provident-Integrity Distribution
Release Date September 25th 2007

As the press packet states this is a compilation of the best of T-Bone’s last 3 albums, Including Grammy nominated Last Street Preacha(2001), Bone-A-Fide(2006) and Gospelalpamegafunkyboogiediscomusic. Plus the album includes to tracks not available on any release, as well as 3 brand new tracks. All total the artist known as “Boney Soprano” has definitely served us up a tall order of street style lyrical hip-hop, to keep our heads ringing for hours. 

To best describe this album, I would have to call it an overwhelming collection of remixes, and proper edits, that are better that the originals in many cases. Take for instance the remix of “I Been Lookin Around” (feat. Rachel Lampa), a great original but when remixed and reflavored the track pops off the record in a whole new way.  It will definitely get stuck in your head in a good way. I was singin it over and over for a few days after hearing it. The album also features cuts like “A Few Good Men”, “Can I Live”, and the ultra hot club hit “Follow T”.

Upon listening to the cd over again (For the 3rd time….heheh.), I discovered that they graciously included the 2 tracks not available on any previous T-Bone album. “Raised in Harlem” from the rock opera Hero, and “King of My Life “(featuring Natalie LaRue). Both tracks were hot on their own but thrown into this mix you really get to experience the broad spectrum of talent to be expected from a seasoned hip-hop vet like T-Bone. After listening to the album for a fourth time I went back and listened to some of the early records.  Upon doing so I realized that there is a clear resonating improvement on his part from album to album. And then to hear the latest best of you can tell that he has increased in lyrical skill and song writing talent.  The compilation also includes 3 brand new tracks. “Sing Your Praises” a clear cut worship song featuring the beautiful voice of Natalie LaRue, and Mark Stuart from Audio Adrenaline. This track is actually the second single from the new album, and has a sound so distinctive that it could only come from T-Bone. It is styled in the likes of Caribbean and Jamaican music, with a little Arabic highlights in the mix. Definitely makes you wonder if he was listenin to a lot of World Music when writing this number.  The first single from the new album, “Name Droppin” (feat. Eric Dawkins) is a track that address the equality of all Christian musicians, while focusing on their uniqueness. He spends the entire song “droppin” names of past and present artist in Christendom.  This particular track is also the subject of the latest video that will drop soon from T-Bone. After getting the chance to talk with him regarding this record, and the video and some other surprising subjects, I am definitely lookin forward to the release of that new video. If you get a chance to pop out to your local music store on or about the 25th of September, grab this album. You definitely won’t be disappointed. Want more info on Boney Bone? Go check out the websites,,,    

 I will be writing the interview out for The Tollbooth as well. So keep your eyes open…


Rev MC

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