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Wright Or Wrong: These Songs Are Paul's
Artist: Paul Wright
Label: Gotee
10 tracks 35:27 
Paul Wright has become one of Christian Music’s most interesting contributors over the past four years. His debut CD Fly Away came out in 2003 on Toby Mac’s Gotee label, which has produced some of the finest stars of CCM over the years (Jennifer Knapp, StorySide:B, John Reuben and of coarse Relient K) and garnered him some immediate success with the song “Flip-Flops” which became a theme for all surfer and summer loving types everywhere!
Since then Wright has released Sunrise To Sunset in 2005 and toured all over the country. His combination of hip-hop and folk music is unique and flat out enjoyable to the ears. When was the last time you saw anyone play an acoustic guitar and rap at the same time? 
I saw this young man in concert at the Alive festival back in the summer of 2004, and enjoyed his set very much. Now in early 2007 we are given a glimpse into some of the songs that Wright has left unreleased, with the release of Wright or Wrong: These Songs Are Paul’s.

Actually this release is just a combination of the two iTunes EP releases entitled The Best Songs You’ve Never Heard and Midnight Sonnet.” What we find are some really enjoyable songs, demos, and live tracks, and some tunes that are just that, outtakes. 
For example, “Hold Me” is too repetitive a song for me as is “Me and Your Momma” though the later does feature a fun Hammond organ lick. “Saturday” is a fun rip off on the Bee Gees sound, but grows old a bit fast. 
However, there are some really awesome songs here as well. “My Everything” sounds like a long lost _Free At Last_ era DC Talk song with a sung chorus and piano loop complete with hip hop verses. “Sky Falling Down” is a powerful folk song telling the story of a young woman whose world comes crashing down on her when her boyfriend breaks up with her. 
“Shooting Star” and “Radio” both take different spins on the same subject: A young man looking for a girlfriend, in both humorous and serious ways at the same time. 
“There She Goes” takes on an R&B funky sound, which calls to mind mainstream acts like R. Kelly. It changes tempo in a couple of places, and simply will get caught in your head. 
So overall we have a fun album here. There are some songs here that we wouldn’t have missed out on if they had stayed on the cutting room floor, but others that we are fortunate to have had rescued from obscurity.
James Morovich  3/14/2007



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