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Lucky You Soundtrack (2007)

Artists: Bruce Springsteen, Madeleine Peyroux, George Jones, Liza Minnelli, Bonnie Raitt, Kris Kristofferson, Drew Barrymore, Bob Dylan and Ryan Adams

Composer: Christopher Young

Sony Music 82876-89625-2

12 Tracks

Running Time: 50 minutes

The film, Lucky You stars Drew Barrymore, Eric Bana, Robert Duvall and Debra Messing. Bana, who plays Huck, is a gambler who wants to win the World Series of Poker. In order to be a main player, Bana must be effective at the game, plus deal with his card-playing father (Duvall) and the lounge singer (Barrymore) Bana likes.  The film is rated PG 13.

The Lucky You soundtrack reflects casino-type lounge music. Composer Christopher Young selected artists such as Bob Dylan, Kris Kristofferson and Bonnie Riatt to project songs of a man who has a lot to learn about life. There are two female singers on the CD. Drew Barrymore sings Jamie O’Hara’s song “The Cold Hard Truth” with a whispery voice that is rather pleasant. Bonnie Raitt’s “Bartender’s Blues” (written by James Taylor) is a bonus track on this CD.  Bonnie knows how to end a phrase.

My favorites are Bruce Springsteen’s beginning number, “Lucky Town,” Liza Minnelli and “Maybe This Time,” Bob Dylan doing “Like A Rolling Stone” and Ryan Adams on “Let It Ride.” Bob Dylan wrote “Huck’s Tune,” the last track on the CD, especially for this film. Unfortunately, composer Christopher Young doesn’t have any of his music here.  I hope this is not a Hollywood trend, as I’ve seen this on other soundtracks. A composer is listed; writes music for the screen, but the CD doesn’t have their music on it. 

So, as it stands the soundtrack for Lucky You is a compilation of artists whose music is centered on winning and/or losing. I wish there had been more. 

Copyright 2007 Marie Asner

Submitted 4/25/07



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