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Artist: John Davis 
©2007 Independent
A sonic blast of distorted guitars smoked my speakers the first time I put this disc in my car stereo.  I was heading to a friend’s house and had a good half hour’s drive ahead.  I cranked it!  Nothing but the open road and the former front man of Superdrag pumped into my ears.  Is there any indication yet that I am in love with this CD?
You can hear the Foo Fighters influence all over Arigato!  I close my eyes and John Davis sounds a lot like Dave Grohl.  This is meant as a compliment.
“Chant Down Babylon” is the apparent opening single from this album, and it kicks butt!  “I Need Someone” is the overriding favorite. I envision this song being in my Top 20 list for a long time.  With the amount I listen to regularly, this is significant. “Everybody On The Ground” has a strong wall of distortion with an in-your-face melody.
In a time where there are a number of artists out there afraid to wear Jesus Christ on their sleeves, John Davis is unashamed to speak of Christ and the struggles we face as believers (“History” and “I’m At War With Myself” as examples). I recommend this to anyone who has been beaten down by the world and needs to rock out for the King.
November 2007

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