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Champion Recordings - Fight Back Vol 1
Artist: Various 
Label: Champion Recordings

Thank you to all the great hardcore, rock and indie bands that contributed to this little compilation record.  The first disc is an onslaught of eardrum busting, heartpounding hardcore. Some of the groups on the first disc include:  Hope Dies, A Girl, A Gun, A Ghost, Dorian Grey, We Held Manhattan, Syrens, and others. The first disc absolutely beats your ears to pieces with nonstop hardcore, screamo action from first to last. After letting my ears relax for a few hours and admiring the job well done by the first group of rockers, I slid the second disc in and cranked it up. This disc was nearly a complete contradiction to the first cd. Rather than being an onslaught of metal guitars, bone crushing bass licks, and head-pounding drums, it was a more indie style execution of the senses. The notorious suspects involved in the second onslaught include:  Sherwood, Surrogate, Sullivan (a personal fave), The Canvas waiting and others. I was drug through a deep hole of indie style, melancholic lyrics coupled with driving rock rhythms, much of which was to be expected given the title of the second CD “Rock/Indie”.  If you are one to dish out a few bills on compilation CDs, this is definitely one for the taking. I have it in my cd case in the car still, and I whip it out in times of need. Go get it, you won’t be disappointed.

Rev MC

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